Re: parts is parts (was B&O wagontop)

Andy Harman

On Thu, 3 Feb 2011 11:49:28 -0600, cvlk wrote
probably with X2f couplers! I don't think those calling for kits fully
understand the logistics and inventory (costs) involved in doubling the number
of products so that each item is available as a kit and RTR.
Whenever I see the "don't understand" argument, the inference seems to be "If you
understood, you wouldn't be asking for this". Can sufficient education eliminate the
demand for kits? Doesn't seem to be working so far.

It might be possible to understand, and still want the kits.

Doubling the SKUs happens only if every road name is offered in kit form. I don't think
anybody here is asking for that. I accept the death of the painted/lettered kit. One
additional SKU per product, or major product variant.

Undecorated does become interesting when you get into the variations. Otherwise it's
just another roadname, and one that conveniently doesn't require artwork and printing.

Because of the variations, a kit makes more sense than an undec assembled. Frequently
the optional parts are all on the same sprue (multiple car ends, etc) so simply
including them all would be the best way to go... less sorting, just throw the whole
sprue in.

If the variants include the main body shell, it gets trickier - but this isn't too often
the case. I'm thinking an AAR 40' box car with 6', 7', and 8' door openings are
different kits, not variations on the same kit.

The "unglued assembled undec" is an interesting prospect, but I'm still not sure how you
could apply it across the board. Few kits are press fit on very many parts. And the
issue of optional parts comes into play - do you assemble one variant and include the
other parts? It's just easier to include all the parts. Kadee of course is the
exception, but they have been an exception (and I should add, an exceptional exception)
all along. What they do is in general defiance of the standard industry line about what
works and what doesn't, and I love them for it.

Really though, I'm not asking for something that isn't being done or hasn't been done
before. If A,B, and C can do it, when X, Y, and Z say they can't, it's just an excuse.
Or a choice - and that's fine, but acknowledge what's being chosen.

Modelers and modeling will survive either way, but the most beautiful RTR still goes on
the B list in my book, if I can't get it in raw form.


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