Re: PS-0 end drawings needed

Benjamin Hom

Al Kresse asked:
"Can you define a PS-0 car? . . . the last of their riveted box cars? . . . like the C&O 14000-14999 40' 6" box cars?"

No. "PS-0 or PS-Zero" was John Nehrich's lexicon for two groups of Pullman's pre-war lightweight welded boxcars, the first built in 1936 and acquired by CGW, B&LE, and UP; the second group built in 1936 and acquired by NKP, W&LE, and PM. See the November 1993 and February 1994 issues of Railmodel Journal for more information. Additionally, builders photos of these cars appeared in the 1940 CBC.

"Did P-S advertise a PS-0 car?"

If they did, it wasn't as a "PS-0" for the reason above.

Ben Hom

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