Re: Athearn Blue Box Gondola

Andy Harman

At 01:00 PM 2/5/2011 -0500, you wrote:
When we used to ask, "why not prototype for -foot gondola and the 50-foot
flat" our local hobby Shop owner (Dan at the Little Depot in Anaheim, CA)
said, "because they fit in the box" referring to the original shot Blue
Box. He said that Irv spent more on box than the plastic inside it. Perhaps a
little over simplistic but it makes sense.
Except they didn't fit in the box. The 50' box cars and the 50' gondola had to be jammed into the box diagonally which put a lot of pressure on the couplers. Some of the longer cars had the box extended and it still wasn't long enough to accommodate the finished model.

Nowadays I keep two-piece boxes like Branchline's and use them for parts and project trays. I pretty much throw away all sleeve and clamshell boxes.


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