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Ed Hawkins

On Feb 5, 2011, at 4:57 PM, SMMW wrote:

I would suggest you identify as may car series as possible that had
the end
in question, the contact the Pullman Library at the Illinois Railway
IRM is the repository for the largest collection of extant Pullman and
Pullman-Standard drawings, and should have what you need. You can
the curator via E0mail at:

<Ted Anderson> <> tedander@...
These cars were produced in two lot number groups by Pullman-Standard.
To find the applicable drawings, Ted will ask you for the lot numbers
if you don't know the actual drawing numbers.

Lot 5584, built in 1938 for CGW, B&LE, UP
Lot 5604A/B/C, built in 1940 for NKP, PM, and WLE, respectively
All cars were built at the P-S plant at Michigan City, Indiana.

As noted by Bob Witt, the ends of these two groups weren't the same.
The 1938-built cars had ends with square corners and 9 corrugations.
The 9 corrugations (4 on top end panel and 5 on bottom) were all the
same length, and the pointeds end of each corrugation stopped short of
the corners.

The 1940-built cars had ends with round corners and 10 corrugations (5
on both the top and bottom end panels). The top corrugation was shorter
than the others, and the pointed ends of the top corrugation stopped
short of the round corners. The pointed ends of the other 9
corrugations wrapped around the corners a slight amount.

There are two good in-service photos that could be of help, both of
which are 3/4 views showing the end in good light. CGW 90036 has a New
7-38 stencil and is available from Arnold Menke. NKP 20177 has a 5-43
reweigh stencil (built 1-40) and is available from Jay Williams. Hope
this helps.
Ed Hawkins

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