Re: Athearn Blue Box Gondola

Bill Welch

Revell model kits from roughly this same era, their airplane models for example, are referred to as "Box Scale" by collector of these kits.

Bill Welch

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Greg Martin wrote:
When we used to ask, "why not prototype for -foot gondola and the
50-foot flat" our local hobby Shop owner (Dan at the Little Depot in
Anaheim, CA) said, "because they fit in the box" referring to the
original shot Blue Box. Perhaps a little over simplistic but it
makes sense.
It may appear to make sense but there are indications it's just
a legend.

Tony Thompson
I would suspect it was to fit the bodies into an existing four slide mold base, thus avoiding the expense of a new mold base. I've been told that the Details West line of car kits were also built to fit this mold base, and if you'll recall, the DW double plug door boxcar was also too short.


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