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Tom Birkett <tnbirke@...>

These have been used for sulfur unloading also. Because sulfur is so
heavy, cars were easily overloaded and before the railroad would move
them, the load must be reduced.

The system is pretty simple: the cars, no matter the product, were
equipped with steam coils either inside the car (sometimes insulated,
sometimes not, made from 2" pipe affixed to the floor and sometimes part
way up the sides) or exterior (u-shaped weldments always with
insulation). The boiler on the trailer would be fired up and steam
conducted to the coils until the product was hot enough to pump. Sadly,
this sometimes took several days.

When the product was hot enough to pump it was pumped off into whatever
vessel the receiver had.

Usually liquids are not siphoned from tank cars: either the bottom
outlet is used or if top unloading is preferred, either air or an inert
gas (N2, or CO2) is introduced into the top of the car with the manway
sealed which forces the liquid up and out through the eduction pipe
which reaches to within 1" of the bottom of the car. This does not take
an inordinate amount of pressure if the product is hot enough to flow.

Tom, Bartlesville

Subject: [STMFC] Oil extraction

I have a couple photos of trailers with boilers and (gas?) engine
operated pumps for siphoning heavy oil from tank cars.

Can anyone tell me more about the components and operation of these
extraction trailers?

Clark Propst

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