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Thanks Tom.

In the photos I have there is the steam line attached under the tank car and a hose into the dome. The dome hose goes to the front of the trailer. Another hose comes from the front to the waiting truck. Pump in-between?

How's the air introduced?

Clark, I supervised loading an expensive chemical into a tank car. There
was no seal at the dome; you could look inside with a flashlight (my job was to do that to make sure the tank didn't overflow).

If steam is intoduced into the tank in the small outlet it will bubble up and heat the oil, lowering the viscosity which would make the oil easier to pump out.

If it was a closed system (and I don't think it was) steam would displace the oil. The more oil gone the more steam which would heat the remaining oil faster. As the steam condensed it would be replaced by more steam.

The oil was crude, right?

Did steam locos burn crude?

Ed Mines

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