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I don't get it. I first joined a Yahoo!club in '98 (ellenNmodelrailroaders) using my sister-in-laws PC and her e-mail address. No problem. Then, when we got online here at my house, I changed the subscription to my e-mail address. Once again, no problems. We got off-line for a while (six months), got back on, and I rejoined a bunch of stuff using our new e-mail address. No problems. There is part of me that says there has to be something I am doing that some of ya'll aren't or vice-a-versa for ya'll to be having the problems that you are. I do use a small, local ISP as opposed to using AOL, or MSN, or some-such big corporate monster. Maybe that's it, I don't know.

Warren Dickinson
Out where God lost his shoes (ie: Elkton, KY), but Yahoo! still seems to work. 8^)

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> Richard "opined"
> The more I hear from people who have
> registered with Yahoo, the more determined I become not to do so.
> Richard and all,
> I am certainly no big fan of Yahoo!, but I have never had a moments trouble out fo them in over two years of usage. I don't understand why ya'll are havingso much trouble, and yet I have none.


At last - a glimmer of understanding. It must be a loyalty thing! After continuous problems, I have had to remove myself twice from the Yeehaw! system (until I couldn't access any of the lists) then rejoin and
put up with all the BS (it won't let me use my own e-mail address to receive messages from the lists) as I joined. Now here's the really prime bit. Upon resubscribing as a member of Yeehaw! I have found that, even
though I couldn't access anything as a non-subscriber, I was still listed everywhere I had previously been subscribed - both times. And for a while everything worked normally. Bah Humbug to Yeehaw!

It all just gets right up my nose . . .
. . . though I'm still smiling.

David Lenehan

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