Re: B&O Wagontop

Gene <bierglaeser@...>

After reviewing all the pertinent discussion about the new Fox Valley B&O wagontop box car it appears that at least the first two paint schemes are legit and were in use before 1950. Sincere thanks to all who contributed to this conversation.

If I understand what has been posted the first scheme (below) is possible but would likely have been rare.
B&O Oricinal Scheme (Flat Door) with no capitol dome herald on left side above reporting marks
FVM 30301
FVM 30302
FVM 30303

This version would have been widespread once the B&O began using it.
B&O 13 Great States (Flat Door)
FVM 30304
FVM 30305
FVM 30306

Here's the link to Fox Valley's B&O wagontop box car on facebook:\;07.92694309796&ref=nf

Gene Green

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