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The rrrrest of the story is that the cars with the LRX reporting mark were assigned to the Lackawanna Railroad. They were all wooden ACF reefers of the demensions you mentioned. Big'ns, they were.

When the steel reefers with MDT reporting marks arrived in the early 1950s, the wooden ones got DL&W reporting marks.

A few years ago Intermountain offered PFE reefers in LRX lettering and paint ala the 1939 World's Fair, and they looked pretty good, actually.

Mike Del Vecchio

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In my Oct 1946 ORER it shows as part of MDT in the 7000 to 7299 number
series with 295 cars. They were an RS car and were 41' 8.5" in length.
Same listing in the Jan 1948 ORER but not in my April 1952 ORER.

Paul C. Koehler


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Does anyone recognize the reporting mark LRX? I have it in a
1948 conductor's book, very clearly written, but can't find it in an

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