Universal brake wheels in HO

Andy Carlson

Date: Wed, 3 Jul 2002 12:57:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jeff Aley - GCD PE <jaley@pcocd2.intel.com>
Subject: UP F-50-11 brake wheel and trucks (HO)

However, the kit comes with a Superior (IIRC) brake wheel, whereas
the UP diagram book indicates that UP used a Universal. Where, pray tell,
may I find an HO scale Universal wheel to substitute?
Jeff, and others,

At the risk of sounding like a Terry Wegmann PR man, I offer the following:

Terry Wegman is currently working on a Universal Brake Set, along with a Klasing power brake (which I am lobbying for the lever ratcheting version, as well). He is also doing some others which I don't remember, but some may be glad to acquire some when ready. I am not clear if these are to be sold as Details West's products, or what......?

He is also working on the correct door for the GN, SP&S, and SP 4/6/6/ improved Camel-Youngstown door, to be followed by a 5/6/5 IC-Y, and later, a SP interim improved Youngstown door for the SP overnight cars. I will keep the list posted on his progress.

Andy Carlson

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