Re: Question on Branchline GM&O boxcar 22063 AAR 50 Ton 40 foot 6 foot door

O Fenton Wells

Gentlemen, what about the Branchline G&MO 50 double door car in the 9000 (I
have No. 9047) series. What type of doors, roof walk, brake wheel and side
sills did the real car have? Were the ends and roof matching red or black?
Does anyone have a picture of a car in the 50's showing the side sills, that
they would share?
I have a 1955 ORER and it lists 200 cars in this series, none with special
loading or car usage stipulations. I am assuming they were general service
cars. Any idea what the railroad wanted them for? Any special industries
or assignments.
I'm a student of the Southern Railway and know nothing about the GM&O, any
help would be appreciated.

On Fri, Feb 11, 2011 at 5:38 PM, Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...>wrote:

-- The GM&O cars had different doors than supplied with the BLT kit.
-- Brian Carlson

That's correct. The Branchline Youngstown 6' door is a 5/6/6 (YSD-2 in
Hawkinsese). The correct door is a 6/6/5 (YSD-2A), available from Dan Hall
(Southwest Scale Productions) as door #622.

Tim O'Connor

Fenton Wells
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