Re: Question on Branchline GM&O boxcar 22063 AAR 50 Ton 40 foot 6 foot door

Ed Hawkins

On Feb 12, 2011, at 9:02 AM, O Fenton Wells wrote:

Gentlemen, what about the Branchline G&MO 50 double door car in the 9000 (I
have No. 9047) series. What type of doors, roof walk, brake wheel and side
sills did the real car have? Were the ends and roof matching red or black?
Does anyone have a picture of a car in the 50's showing the side sills, that
they would share?
The cars had freight car red sides, and Branchline's oxide color is very close to matching an AC&F paint sample for series 9000-9199. Ends, roofs, underframes, and trucks were black. White lettering on the sides, aluminum end lettering.

They came with Youngstown doors (like included with the model), Improved Dreadnaught Ends that lacked in the intermediate minor stiffeners, and diagonal panel roofs. Specialty items included Miner hand brakes, Apex Tri-Lok running boards & brake steps, and A-3 Ride Control trucks. Side sills were the same as those provided on the model, except the prototype cars lacked the towing staples at the bolsters and the rivets under the door posts. A builder's photo of 9047 appears on page 53 of August 1999 Railmodel Journal.
Ed Hawkins

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