Re: Soo Line Box Car

Tim O'Connor

I sent Lester a photo of SOO 45450 that shows the brake wheel and
brake housing at an oblique angle, and I couldn't decide if it were
Miner or Champion. The brake housing is different than any of the
Miner or Champion housings I have seen. I leaned towards Champion
but now that I look at it again, I'm not sure.

Maybe Gene Green, or Tony Thompson, could look at this photo and
give a judgement?

Tim O'Connor

I have access to one photo showing the brake wheel in the number series you are interested in, and the car appears to carry a Miner wheel (solid center, six spokes). However, you have some latitude; in my copy of a Soo Line freight car diagram book, the hand brakes for this series of Fond du Lac built boxcars are listed as "various", as are most of the Fond du Lac built 40' cars. Equipco handbrakes were used on some of the Fond du Lac cars built in other years, perhaps this year too?

Bob Sterner

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I am working on a SOO LINE box car, series 44500 to 45908, all steel tabbed sill, 1/3/4 or R/3/4 ends ( not sure which is best way to write it )built in 1949. I have photos, side views only. Wondering if anyone has a photo showing B end view that they can share via scan, an online photo to view or tell me brake wheel type used. Thanks for your time and effort in advance.
Lester Breuer

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