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Great photo! Looks like they are casting pigs in the dirt--a trench would have led out from the furnace to bring the hot iron to the "molds". Some of the men are cooling them w/hoses, while others dig out the cool ones and stack them. Later this would have been done by a casting machine that had a belt of molds that were continually filled, cooled, and dumped, sometimes directly into a gondola.

I agree that we are seeing pigs in the photo, but piles of firewood were not unusual around old steel mills. Blast furnaces and other refractory-lined vessels have to be heated gradually from a cold start, and a wood fire was sometimes used to dry the refractories and start the slow warm-up process.
Rick Aylsworth

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I see stacks of pig iron, not wood.

Howard Garner
On closer look, you are absolutely correct, sir.


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