Re: square brake staffs (was SP F-70-7 FLAT CARS)


Been there done that: too "bendible" IMHO.

Jerry Glow

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Well Tim, now your into hardware/electronics where I have some experience. Most common 3 and 5mm leds used by we RR types for signals, and turnout indicators are made from flat stock. That is because the anode and cathode heads that comprise the diode that creates the light is the same piece of metal as the the leads. That is pretty much standardized for the industry. If you buy the standard output LED that can be found fairly inexpensive (less than 1$) in lots. The ultra bright LED's that are frequently used for headlights in model RR locomotives are more expensive. The anode/cathode/leads are a malleable metal that can be bent/rebent a few times, but will fracture at some point (like most metals).

Dave Snyder
Louisville, Ky.

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