Re: New Kadee car?

Ed Hawkins

On Feb 14, 2011, at 2:05 PM, lnbill wrote:

Yes those 14 railroads encompass about 10% of the Standard offset
twins ever built. Kadee chose to do a prototype variation that
eliminated doing the thousands upon thousands of cars owned by the L&N
and B&O. I won't be holding my breath they will do these.
Bill Welch
On Feb 14, 2011, at 1:46 PM, jim_mischke wrote:

Ed Hawkins has lobbied Kadee for a long time to tool up for
variations of their 50-ton open hopper. The ATSF hopper takes a minor
prototype hardware change (Wine door locks instead of Enterprise? ...
I forget now ... someone can speak up with specifics) from the basic
Kadee hopper offered before. If Kadee is warming up to variations,
maybe there are some more in the works. A B&O N-41/N-44 would be fun.
Bill and Jim,
To reply to Jim's message, Kadee offers Wine and Enterprise latch door
locks for their existing models. ATSF used Keystone Monoloc and Frisco
used Enterprise Type D.

Replying to Bill's message, I don't think it's valid to include B&O in
the statement as Jim has alluded to. The statement for L&N cars is
totally correct, and at present the Atlas model is the best HO-scale
model available to my knowledge to model at least a portion of the L&N
fleet of 50-ton AAR hoppers.

The B&O N-41 and N-44 hoppers that lacked Duryea underframes had sides
that match the Kadee model. What's required is tooling a pair of ends
with narrowly spaced vertical Z-sections that extend from the top
chords to the end sills. I realize this would be an expensive endeavor,
but we're talking about important B&O cars here! I guess it comes down
to tooling cost vs. sales potential.

The new ends applied to the existing Kadee model would account for
6,300 additional B&O prototype cars built from 1951 to 1960. Also by
adding these new ends to the Kadee model, I believe accurate models of
one series for LNE and P&S (and possibly CRP) could be offered. I still
haven't found a good end view of a CRP car (10001-10500, built 1944 by
Pressed Steel) to confirm how it was designed.
Ed Hawkins

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