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Jason Greene

Just a little information about the picture and Sloss.

This particular cars could be carrying the pig to Cincinnati to steel mills there, Lenoir for company use at the foundry, Charleston or Mobile for export, or any number of foundries on the east coast. Sou/AGS and L&N were Sloss’ main company that moved their pig. Central of Georgia carried a good bit to Savannah for export as well. Most of Sloss’ pig was exported to Europe during this time. WWI changed that.

Why would it be spotted to be loaded at a Steel Mill in B’ham? Simple, they would load Pig Iron into anything that would hold it. Lots of pictures of boxcars in this era being loaded in B’ham. Also, it was not a steel mill. Sloss City Furnace never produced steel, just pig iron. It was shipped to other mills and furnaces to be made into final product. U.S.S. Fairfield and Ensley, and Republic, I believe were the only B’ham Blast Furnaces to produce Steel successfully. Sloss, Woodward, Thomas, Alice were all just Pig Iron.

Sloss did infact have their own railroad but not this early. They interchanged with the Southern, AGS, CG, L&N and Seaboard right there at the furnace. The Georgia Pacific and Sloss shared common owners into the early Southern years. I am not sure when Southern sold their stock in Sloss. The GP help a small percentage of Sloss stock. Joseph Bryan was the President of both Sloss and GP for a while.

Jason Greene

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