Latest Im release of their Wood-Sheathed reefer

Bill Welch

Two friends have asked me to comment to comment on the accuracy of
the paint and stenciling schemes for the latest release of
InterMountain's wood sheathed FGE/WFE reefer post war rebuild models.
To review, this kit represents cars rebuilt by FGE and WFE beginning
in 1948 from cars they originally built beginning in 1926 to a new
taller car design with an 8-inch side sill. Earlier cars built
beginning in 1922 and retro-fitted with 6-inch side sill were also
rebuilt beginning in 1922. The IM car models those rebuilds in the
FGEX 57000-58999 and WFEX 71000-71034, 72000-72054, 72055-72179,
73000-73044, 73045-73084, 73900-73999 groups.

Basically none of the models in the latest IM release is accurate for
WFE or FGE. BRE owned no such cars.

I strongly urge people not to try to model these cars without
photographs. "Bob's," Jay Williams, and "Mainline" (Mike Gruber) all
have good photos of these cars, as did my article in the late
lamented RMJ, circa 2005.

Sunshine also offers a kit of these same rebuilds with a much
superior roof. The advantage of this kit is that it easier to cut the
side sill off and replace it with plastic strip to recreate the cars
w/the 6-inch side sills. Visually these are more interesting cars
with 8-inch plates applied in various places.

Although dated, information for the wood-sheathed on the special
issues of PRR, B&O, and ACL/SAL online modeling magazines is still
accurate and valid. I am working w/Ben Hom to update with Steel Cars
and make corrections to the earlier document. None of the mistakes
would effect modeling.

I am going to call Martin today and bug him about doing decals to
create one of the groups of Double Deck cars.

Bill Welch
2225 Nursery Road; #20-104
Clearwater, FL 33764-7622

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