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The DL&W added truss rods to some of this batch of reefers to
stiffen the sills, and this is clearly seen in the photo
Plausible but untrue, Mike. The cars were built by MDT at a time
when both MDT reefers and New York Central box cars were equipped
with shallow steel center sills to absorb draft and buff forces and
two truss rods under the center sills to support the center of the
car. I have several photos, including builder's shots, of cars with
this odd combination of steel center sills and truss rods.

Richard Hendrickson

That NYC 2-truss rod underframe was an ACF design in 1910-and was not the same as the DL&W car. Westerfield's ACF photo disk has a
picture of such an underframe. I might add I've seen pictures of NYC
early-design (PSC)steel flat cars that had truss rods added later their lives evidently to reinforce them.The PRR did this also,to their early PSC flat cars and this is discussed in the PRRT&HS flat
car book
Larry King

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