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The same photograph that Matt has provided a link to is on page 169 of the 1928 "Car Builders' Cyclopedia". Drawings of the car are also included: plan and side elevation on page 168; cross section and end elevation on page 169.

Greg Kennelly
Burnaby, BC

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I suppose that anything is possible in the composition of the LRX fleet, especially after transferring the cars to MDT, but here's a builder's shot of DL&W #7000, the flagship (which is in the public domain).

It does not have a fishbelly center sill, but rather is straight, and at least to my eye, looks to be of the exact same construction of that of car #7218, that I posted before. If you look closely at #7000 you, can also read the ACF builders and repack data.

Matt Forsyth

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