Re: Latest Im release of their Wood-Sheathed reefer

Greg Martin

Dr. FGE writes in part:

"Thanks Steve!

WFEX 65359 represents one of the rebuilds outside the 70000 number series,
adding to the confusion. I have built this car using a Sunshine kit. Note
the drop grab above the ladder and all of the busy stuff along the side
sill. Very cool IMO."

Bill and all,

These were upgrades to this car were along the timeline of improvements
made to these cars and were also found on the National Car Company cars and
an example was on display in the poster sized photos at Cocoa Brach. As a
student of Bill's I have learned what, where, and when to look for the subtle
differences. Represented was the Needham Packing/ Sioux City Dressed Beef
car in both photo and model form. This article is very inspiring.

Greg Martin

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