Re: Latest Im release of their Wood-Sheathed reefer

Bill Welch

I was not aware these bodies were a foot too short. I have to admit I am willing to live with this as I think the look of the models captures the look of the cars.

Bill Welch

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The bodies on the 1922 and 1928 Sunshine kits are a foot too short in
length. And of course while the IM body is the correct length it has
an intermediate height to the eaves of 12'9" (not the 12'11" for the
post war rebuild or the 12'7" for the 1928 design as built). That's
actually good news in a way as it makes it easier to shorten the body
for an accurate 1928 car, if you alter or ignore some other detail
issues... or as Greg has noted previously, you simply can consider it
loaded to capacity, compressing the springs by 2" ;^)

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

On Feb 16, 2011, at 6:59 AM, lnbill wrote:

I am not sure what you are referring to here Greg. Do you you mean
in length or height? I have built all of these kits in multiples
and they appear dimensionally correct to me. Can you say more.

Bill Welch

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Aren't the Sunshine Kits too short?

Greg Martin

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