Re: Atlas HO USRA Steel Rebuilt Boxcar


Clad in my shrapnel-deflecting undergarments, I will pronounce that the Atlas USRA rebuilt boxcar will be good enough for my purposes when/if they do it in Frisco. Not C&O. Not FEC. Not PRR. Not Gorre & Daphetid.

Thanks to the members of this list, I am informed of the extent of the model's "not-rightness". Sometimes the extent of errors bothers me. Sometimes it doesn't. I figured if a wanted a string of WFEX/FGEX reefers, I'd have to accept the off-the-shelf Intermountain cars--or at least puzzle over them to try to figure out which offering was "least bad". I also have a scratch-built version of these cars. One. Not six. There will NEVER be six. Hence my purchase of the Intermountain cars

Going the other direction, i just paid a significant sum for SP&S heavyweight coaches from North Bank--I passed on the not-unattractive possibility of the Branchline versions. They were "too wrong" for my purposes.

Sadly (to me, anyway), I don't have an unlimited amount of modeling time. I have to pick and choose my projects. I'm in the middle of:

Modifying a Central Valley bridge to come closer to an SP&S bridge

Kitbashing a couple of Barney & Smith wood coaches

Getting some Walthers and Atlas trailer flats presentable

Two Freemo modules

Paying work (when available)


Edward Sutorik

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