Re: Atlas HO USRA Steel Rebuilt Boxcar


Tim O'Conno wrote:

There is a 1950's Virl Davis photo of SLSF 128436 in Model
June 1988, p. 17. The SLSF car had 5/5/5 ends, and when originally
had "grabiron ladders" on the corner, which were replaced with real
later (e.g. as seen in the above photo). But the car kept its original
as Ben says, and also kept its Andrews trucks.

There's a late 1940's shot of SLSF 129529 in Railroad Model Craftsman,
September 1989, p. 56. This one really shows the B end beautifully,
this car has an earlier paint scheme, and the original "ladders".

Ben, or someone else a while back, posted a composite photo of SLSF
with two shots of an Atlas 8-panel model. So those are three SLSF cars
can be modeled with the Atlas 8-panel car -- but someone says these
exist in N scale? From the composite photo I can't tell the scale of

Tim O'Connor
Since, we are discussing USRA re-built boxcars there is a duplicate
slide on eBay of an apparently very freshly painted PRR X26c. To bad the
photographer didn't get the entire car. The caption reads "
Pennsylvania Railroad Boxcar #106394 in Peoria, Illinois on March 19,
1956" .

Bob Witt

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