Re: triple hopper question

Todd Horton

Frank, I have photos of these cars if you need one for reference. Todd Horton

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Todd Horton wrote:
I'm not sure how well they match but the C of G had 3 bay offset side
cars. They
were numbered 700-899, built in 1934 by PS . Todd Horton
Hi Todd,

I had that CG series listed in a second group of possibilities, in which I
listed cars that had a greater divergence in certain dimensions (including
capacity) than those in the first group.

The second group listed:

CG 700-899
Carbon County 7300-7349
B&O 621000-624999
LV 41000-41699
Roberval-Saguenay 932-961
Minnesota Western 100-129
CGW 69000-69099
CNW 65101-68103 odds
CMO 49701-49999 odds
IC 81500-81744
C&IW 900-934
C&IM 1000-1098, 11000-11049

Some of these though have dimensional info which match cars that I do have
photos of, that are quite different in appearance from the NYC and PM

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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