Re: Coke container cars (UNCLASSIFIED)


Dorin's book Missouri Pacific Trains and equipment has a photo of a
Missouri-Illinois 300-series gondola with coke containers. These look similar to
USRA composite gondolas without the side sheathing, but are not exact
copies. Missouri Pacific had 39 coke cars built from boxcars (probably the 120000
series) with three side doors and no roof numbered in the 12070-1299,
along with cars 120093, 120179, 120269, 120280, 120526, and 120880. These were
38' -3" in length by 10' -5" wide by 13' high (ORER extreme height column)
with 6' long by 7' -6" high doors, 2563 cu. ft., 40 ton cars. There was
also the 7100-7199 series 70-ton coke gondolas built by the MP DeSoto shops in
1955. Of course the boxcars and the 7100-series gondolas were for coke
loading, not containers. I don't have specific car information, but the
panel-side gondolas and modified gondolas similar to the MI cars mentioned above
were also used for coke containers.

Jerry Michels

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