Re: No joy


Rich Townsend accidently wrote:

Would you be interested in a 1917 RA article on B&O reefers? They
ended up in FGE, didn't they? It has no overall plans, but there are
several detail drawings and cross-sections.
Kenneth Chapin replied:

I would like to see this on the B & O cars.

I have a copy of that article describing the construction of the B&O
class R-7 refrigerator cars. Getting a clean copy can be difficult
especially when the journal volumes become very thick. As Rich stated
there are only detail drawings and cross-sections of the ice bunkers.
This article unfortunately did not include a general arrangement

To answer Rich's question, yes the B&O sold some of their class R-7 to
the FGE.

Maybe this email exchange and accidental post should become a private
one between Bill and Rich.

Bob Witt

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