Re: CG 7115 PS-1

Tim O'Connor


A 1960's Jim Sands photo of CG 7071 clearly shows the car had black
ends. The roof is very peeled, but there are remnants of what could
have been black car cement. The running board in the photo is so
bright and unpainted galvanized metal that it might actually be
a replacement. I know, real helpful huh? :-)

I think CG had 9 orders of 40' PS-1's from 1952 to 1957, so maybe
some of the paint specifications got mixed up? :-) I've seen no
builder photos from 7000-7299.

Tim O'Connor

In researching Kadee's CG PS-1 #7115 (CG 7000-7299 blt 4/52) I ran across some conflicting information...

First, the model (Kadee #5111) was produced with a silver roof and running board to represent an un-painted galvanized finish.

The Central of Georgia Railway Historical Society web site says this car should have an oxide red roof.

Railway Prototype Cyclopedia #4, p 28 says the roof should be black - black car cement.

Can anyone clarify for me what color the roof (and running board) should be for this car when it was new.

-John Hile

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