Re: Waybills

Tim O'Connor


Might be the same raw data, for sure. I don't know, there's only
so much time in the world for most of us. Railroads created paperwork
because they were a business. Paperwork is not my hobby interest. I'm
a minimalist myself -- a waybill only needs to say where the car is
going as far as I'm concerned. :-) Your waybill analysis pays real
dividends because it informs your modeling. But for the life of me
I can't see the utility of knowing that company ABC in East Podunk
bought fresh carrots and company XYZ in West Podunk only bought
oranges -- unless of course, I am modeling the Podunk Terminal Rwy.

Tim O'Connor


You may want to look at this group -- they have compiled
spreadsheets of real railroad freight shippers. Can you say
"information overload"?
Don't know if it's the same database, but the OpSIG (operations)
group also has a huge listing of shippers on line, at

Tony Thompson

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