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There is also the question of "overspray".Some cars did not receive the full treatment.The "overspray" may have appeared to be a fully painted roof to the casual observer.Overhead shots show a wide variation of coverage.Armand Premo

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> Hello All,
> In researching Kadee's CG PS-1 #7115 (CG 7000-7299 blt 4/52) I ran
> across some conflicting information...
> First, the model (Kadee #5111) was produced with a silver roof and
> running board to represent an un-painted galvanized finish.
> see:
> The Central of Georgia Railway Historical Society web site says this
> car should have an oxide red roof.
> see:
> Railway Prototype Cyclopedia #4, p 28 says the roof should be black -
> black car cement.
> Can anyone clarify for me what color the roof (and running board)
> should be for this car when it was new.

In 1998 I spent some time researching various Pullman-Standard
correspondence files located at the Illinois Railway Museum. According
to the paint specifications that were in the file for lot number 8030,
CG 7000-7299, the sides were painted Glidden Metallic Brown. The ends,
roofs, & underframes received a coat of black car cement, and the
trucks received a light-bodied coat of black paint. This was
Pullman-Standard's "standard" method at the time to paint a PS-1 box
car. Railroads were allowed to deviate from the "standard" that
Pullman-Standard quoted in their PS-1 specification, but it cost more
money to do so. Some railroads deviated anyway.

The correspondence file indicated both white and aluminum stencil paste
was used for lettering the cars. Presumably the white was for the sides
and aluminum was used over black car cement. The aluminum pigment
applied to black car cement was for the purpose of longevity, as it was
thought that white stencil paste wouldn't last as long. This document
was the basis for the paint specs as they were stated in RP CYC Volume
Ed Hawkins


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