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Ed Hawkins

On Feb 22, 2011, at 10:19 AM, A. Premo wrote:

There is also the question of "overspray".Some cars did not receive
the full treatment.The "overspray" may have appeared to be a fully
painted roof to the casual observer.Overhead shots show a wide
variation of coverage.Armand Premo
You make an excellent point. Normally new cars receiving black car
cement on the ends and/or roofs had this coating applied first,
followed by the painting of the rest of the car (i.e., sides). When
spraying the sides there was typically some overspray along the edge of
the roof. In black & white photos taken from a relatively low angle,
it's difficult to discern if the car received black car cement or a
painted roof because of the variability of the amount of overspray. An
overhead color photo of a new car would provide conclusive information,
but overhead color photos showing new cars from the 1940s and 1950s are
pretty rare. In some cases only the seam caps received black car
cement, and the overspray from the sides makes the roof appear as the
same color as the sides, when in fact the roof panels were the color
unpainted galvanized steel.

Many PS-1s, as well as box cars from other builders, show a clear
vertical line along the edge of the end where it wraps around to meet
the side. With a good exposure and the right amount of contrast, even a
black & white photo provides clear evidence that the ends were black.
In some cases the vertical line is so sharp that it gives the distinct
impression that the builder masked off the corners of the ends before
painting the sides. Other box cars having black ends didn't receive
such attention to detail, and the freight car paint used for the sides
wrapped around the corners of the ends. This can give a false
impression of the end color if viewed from the side. A good example of
this is found on page 76 of the NYC color guide book, where NYC 45390
has black ends but is difficult to distinguish even in a color photo
due to the amount of overspray on the end. If viewing this car from the
side, the "assumption" would be red ends.
Ed Hawkins

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