Re: PRR X32 D Question

Benjamin Hom

Dave Nelson wrote:
"My library tells me the PRR X32 d was a rebuild from earlier X32 B and C cars.
with the most obvious external change being a double door car was made into a
single door car. Now that it has just one door (just like the original X32),
other than the roof contour, are there any other differences between the
original X32 and the X32 D?"

All Class X32D had the later "flush" contour roof and a 7 ft 2 in door opening. 
Be advised that the Bowser HO scale model's door is too narrow as it uses the
main door from their 12 ft 6 in opening Class X32A kit.

"Also, did all the X32 cars use an identical underframe design?"

That's a good question.  The design was revised during the production run for
Class X32A, widening the door opening from 12 ft 1 in to 14 ft 6 in.  All Class
X32B and X32C cars had the wider door opening.  It follows that the underframe
should have been changed as a consequence; this is something that needs to be
further researched.

Ben Hom

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