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Do you have a little more information on Bitter Creek Shops?
Norm Larkin

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Give the Bitter Creek Shops a try; they have many of the older style
trucks in cast metal form. I've used some with satisfactory results.

Fred Freitas

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The frameless "Van Dyke" ones started out as standard gauge tank cars and
were converted to narrow gauge. Richard Hendrickson did an article on them
in the December 1996 RMC (using a Precision Scale kit). Getting correct
trucks for them (if you model after the mid-1930s) is the difficulty...they
need cast 5' wheelbase trucks to be correct. The article describes how to
achieve this. A lot of them appeared on the YV and I followed Richard's
article to model a half dozen of them a few years ago...they are a neat
looking tank car!

Jack Burgess

<I saw one of the Blackstone (Soundtraxx) HOn3 UTLX tanks in a hobby
<Would those cars have operated with standard gauge trucks? If so what
<style for truck?
<At 60 bucks you really have to want one!
<Clark Propst


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