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It depends upon how you operate your model RR. If you allow freight agents to "confiscate" empty cars as they pass through the yard, then the cars in your through trains will need waybills and Empty Car bills to designate which are available for confiscation.

On the other hand, if there is no such operation on your model rr, then waybills are not needed for through freights.



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Question:Would waybills be as important (in the model world) for through freights as to way freights?Armand Premo
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Might be the same raw data, for sure. I don't know, there's only
so much time in the world for most of us. Railroads created paperwork
because they were a business. Paperwork is not my hobby interest. I'm
a minimalist myself -- a waybill only needs to say where the car is
going as far as I'm concerned. :-) Your waybill analysis pays real
dividends because it informs your modeling. But for the life of me
I can't see the utility of knowing that company ABC in East Podunk
bought fresh carrots and company XYZ in West Podunk only bought
oranges -- unless of course, I am modeling the Podunk Terminal Rwy.

Tim O'Connor


You may want to look at this group -- they have compiled
spreadsheets of real railroad freight shippers. Can you say
"information overload"?
Don't know if it's the same database, but the OpSIG (operations)
group also has a huge listing of shippers on line, at

Tony Thompson

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