Re: Tank cars

Bruce Smith

"milepost1" <bushnell.mp77@...> 02/22/11 8:11 PM >>>
I was most interested in the tank cars on this "short" freight. Of
special interest was the three dome tank with different >size domes on
the same car.

I'm hardly an expert but can someone "educate" me about these cars- I
don't remember seeing a "model" that replicates >this. Also if you watch
the video there is one "small" single dome car too. Any guess as to
size, type, build date, etc. etc. >etc.


Tank cars with a larger center dome and smaller side domes are usually
cars that were single compartment tanks retrofitted to be
multicompartment tanks. There also appears to be a 3 dome tank with
equal sized domes. The only single dome car I see is a TEXACO car right
behind the tender. The video is difficult to see much detail on, but
the retrofitted car might be of GATC manufacture

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

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