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Dean Payne

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I've been reading the "Shake and Take" reefer article in the latest
RMC, and really like the idea. However, I believe the >Kahn's car paint
scheme is to new for my late 30's time frame.
I'd like to model one of the other cars featured in the article. IIRC
from Bill Welch's clinic, the FGEX cars were more >common than the NX
cars. Besides, the aluminum roof paint on the NX car seems like a
post-WWII thing to me >(cringing, as this is a guess on my part. Were
they painted BCR in their first decades?)


So, as Mont sort of indicated, the "Kahn's car" is in reality an FGE
1922 design reefer. Subsequently, some of those cars were transferred
to NX and some of those leased to Kahn's. For your period, you want to
an FGE car for sure. The paint scheme of the time is well documented
and included an oxide red roof and ends. BTW, this car is available in
a reasonably accurate resin kit from Sunshine (1 foot too short, but
otherwise excellent).

If I should consider attempting one of these bashes, does anybody have
advice on backdating, besides K brakes? (AB >brakes were new in the
early 30's, and not likely to have been retrofitted to these cars in the
mid-late 30's.) Were the >trucks originally arch bar or T-section?
I may have to dig out my copy of Bill Welch's clinic handout... :-)
Also, not having access to a NWSL Riveter, would Archer rivets work in
this application? I'll be ordering some for another >project.

You may need to add a few rivets but do not add the "plates" on the
sides. These are really the ends of the steel that was used for framing
post WWII. Archer will work fine for these.

For the K-brakes, use the linkages as shown (since ABs were retrofitted)
with a KC cylinder.

I've done a few of these as well (the 1953 Kahn's and 1944 era NX and
FGE cars). For details, you can check out the FGE project on PRRPro. I
hope to write mine up for TKM. Some differences from Mont's models
- IM FGE ladders - why use anything else when IM now offers these <G>?
- IM FGE hatch rests - these are on the sprues with the ladders, so I
removed the molded on hatch rests and added these. You will see in the
photos that these are noticable on these reefers.
- all brass wire underbody piping
- and of course, I used correct paint and lettering for 1944.

Bruce Smith
Auburn, AL

I've found my handout from Bill's clinic, I'll add some things I've learned from it:
The truss rod underframe "...FGEX and WFEX cars would have received cast side frame trucks prior by 1940." (sic)
The fishbelly underframe FGEX cars "...initially rode on Andrews trucks. It is unknown if they kept these trucks."

Well, none of those are the cars we are talking about! However, no truck info is given for those with built-up underframes as used in the kitbash. I expect the information is simply not available, I can't fault Bill for that. All the photos I've seen show normal cast steel trucks, but I don't know the dates they were taken.

Talking about the cars with the built-up riveted underframes "...would have the same improvements applied to them as early as 1938... Hutchins roofs and AB brake systems." So, I was incorrect that AB brakes wouldn't be seen on these in the late 30's, but I think it would be the exception, not the norm.

Dean Payne

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