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Pieter Roos

If your period is before 1936 or so, some or all should have double board roofs (wood plank) instead of the Hutchins metal roof. Any time pre-WWII would have at some of the cars with a wood roof. At least, that is what I recall from Bill Welch's articles!

The first volume of the Speedwitch Journal "Railroad Prototype Modeling" had Bill's article on making an earlier BREX car from the Accurail model, which covered some of the roof changes (although the BREX car had a Murphy XLa roof, not what you need on the FGEX car). There is a drawing of the as-built car in Train Shed Cyclopedia #3, Box, Stock and Refrigerator Cars from the 1931 Car Builders Cyc.

Pieter Roos

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I've been reading the "Shake and Take" reefer article in the latest RMC, and really like the idea. However, I believe the Kahn's car paint scheme is to new for my late 30's time frame.
I'd like to model one of the other cars featured in the article. IIRC from Bill Welch's clinic, the FGEX cars were more common than the NX cars. Besides, the aluminum roof paint on the NX car seems like a post-WWII thing to me (cringing, as this is a guess on my part. Were they painted BCR in their first decades?)
If I should consider attempting one of these bashes, does anybody have advice on backdating, besides K brakes? (AB brakes were new in the early 30's, and not likely to have been retrofitted to these cars in the mid-late 30's.) Were the trucks originally arch bar or T-section?
I may have to dig out my copy of Bill Welch's clinic handout... :-)
Also, not having access to a NWSL Riveter, would Archer rivets work in this application? I'll be ordering some for another project.

Dean Payne

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