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Dave Nelson

The last 4 digits are 7217. The first digit might be a 1, or a 3, or a
smudge. Pin me down... I'd say a 3.

Dave Nelson

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Hello everyone,

I was looking at photos on the Steam Era Freight Cars website and I spotted
a box car I'd like to know more about. The photo shows the Southern 37th
Street Yard in Birmingham, Alabama, in the late 1940s (the October 2002 Shot
of the Month). The photo is available at:

The car that caught my eye is in the lower left corner. It is a T&NO double
sheathed box car, maybe 36ft long, with what appears to be a wooden roof. I
can't make out the ends, but they appear to be reinforced with a pair of
vertical beams. The car number looks to be five digits long, and the last
four digits may be 7217.

Any information would be appreciated.

Mark Heiden


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