Duty Paid-Why Archbar Trucks Listed?

gary laakso

I have a copy of the Great Northern January 1, 1942 Classification and Numbering of Locomotives and Equipment. It has a section listing steam locomotives that had Duty paid on them as well as passenger, freight and work equipment. The box car listing includes notations for those cars with archbar trucks. The flatcar list includes notations for cast steel trucks. No such notations are given for the work equipment that duty had been paid upon.

Did the duties paid to get the equipment into Canada include a charge based upon the type of truck? The similar edition for 1930 does not contain either notation for the type of truck and I have not seen such a notation for archbar trucks in any other GN publication. The 18 iron ore cars in the duty paid equipment list was also a surprise.

gary laakso
south of Mike Brock

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