Re: All Old Cars go to Alaska

Richard Hendrickson

John Golden wrote:

I thought you'd be interested to hear about the old car I found in
Anchorage the other day.... There, in all it's splendor, was an
operational ACF 6000 gallon tank car, built 1916. It's in MofW service
but looks great and was clearly operational. Yes, I took photos and will
get them up too. This car is exactly like the Precision Scale HO model
(only the PS model is a 4000 gal version).
I congratulate you on your discovery, John, but there's a bit of confusion
here. The PSC model represents a 6,000 (not 4,000) gal. Van Dyke frameless
tank car, and the last of those were built ca. 1912. If the car was, in
fact, built by AC&F in 1916 and is a former UTL car, it would have to be
one of the Class X cars which were of essentially the same design as the
Van Dyke cars but with a box section steel center sill. I can probably
make a positive ID of the car from your photos. Any chance you could send
them to me directly as attachments?

Richard H. Hendrickson
Ashland, Oregon 97520

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