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Jim Mischke

There is an on-line resource at university libraries. It is called Compendex EI, it is the digital, searchable Engineering Index. Remember the Reader's Guide to Periodical Literature from grade school research? The Engineering Index is the technical version and includes the popular railroad journals.

The better university libraries subscribe to the database going back to 1885, the more frugal libraries only back to 1968 or so.

Richard, I bet this database is what you were using , yet I thought I would mention it as library tool for everyone.

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I had no luck at the library with Railway Age. I searched the indexes for "refrigerator," "car, freight, refrigerator," "car, refrigerator," and "fruit growers" and found nothing referring to the experimental cars you are interested in. In fact, I didn't find a single mention of FGE from 1909 through the 1920's. I was at the University of Oregon library, and they don't have Railway Mechanical Engineer, but that might be a likely place for what you are looking for.

Would you be interested in a 1917 RA article on B&O reefers? They ended up in FGE, didn't they? It has no overall plans, but there are several detail drawings and cross-sections.

Richard Townsend
Lincoln City, Oregon


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