Re: Proto 50' boxcar roof removal

O Fenton Wells

Mark I remove the sides of these cars by using a Dremel tool with a saw
blade and cut close to the line I'm removing. I have done 4 Southern 10 IH
50 ft boxcars this way from 10'-6" IH Life Like cars. Just remember to be
VERY careful as the saw blade dosen't care what it cuts, flesh or plastic
and wear eye protection as well. Just figure out where you want to make
your cut and go to it.
Good Luck and be careful.
On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 6:51 PM, Mark M <bnonut@...> wrote:

Any suggestions on removing a roof on a Proto 50' boxcar. Bought resin
parts 50' viking roofs for NKP #87000 series.
Had four of the cars 3 RTR and one kit. Plan too roof three and use the
other for something else.

Mark Morgan

Fenton Wells
3047 Creek Run
Sanford NC 27332

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