Re: Duty Paid-Why Archbar Trucks Listed?

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Steve Lucas wrote:
The GN likely paid duty on these cars to allow them free passage across the border and to stay in Canada for a long period of time. Duty was paid on ceratin CN sleeping cars to allow their travel back and forth across the border without restriction. In the 1950's, the CPR had duty paid on certain locomotives running in New England. The CPR also had PS-1 boxcars built for its US division, the International of Maine headquartered at Brownville Jct., ME.
Steve, in the list of cars in a conductor's time book I've looked at for 1948-1952, I was struck with the observation that in among all the other other cars were two different CN box cars being LOADED in California. Could these also be duty-paid cars, or is this just a plain old rule violation? One, for example, was loaded in Salinas with dry beans to Modesto, both California locations.

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