Re: Frisco covered hoppers


Actually, the Frisco ran through Alabama into Northwest Florida where its southeastern-most terminal was in Pensacola. A recently repainted 1:1 scale 2-8-2 (converted from a 2-8-0) prominently graces the center divider of one of our main downtown streets. <G>

Steve Hoxie
Pensacola FL

--- In STMFC@..., Tim O'Connor <timboconnor@...> wrote:

Missouri produced lead and zinc ore concentrates, lots of cement,
fire brick clays, sand of various types, and was a large producer
of lime (quicklime). The Frisco ran from Oklahoma to Alabama, so
there's probably quite a variety of commodities that could have been
transported in their covered hoppers -- not even considering any
agricultural commodities, or fertilizers. Certain kinds of coke
were transported in covered hoppers, and so was "grit" (various
kinds of metal grinding and polishing compounds).

Tim O'Connor

There are cement plants everywhere, on the Frisco and other railroads.
That would be my educated guess.

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