Re: Proto 50' boxcar roof removal



The exercise that you are entertaining might be better for the 87100
series. Bear in mind that the P2K car is not really suited for either series depending upon the final result that you are after.

10-4 IH, D-4/5 inverted, Creco doors, double rivet-row, end-door.

10-4 IH, D-4/5 inverted, Creco doors, double rivet-row.

10-6 IH, D-5/5, YSD-4/5/5/4 doors, double rivet-row.

The lower end corners do not match the P2K and neither of the
NKP series featured the push-pockets as exists on the P2K cars.
Also, the P2K cars are inteded to be a 10-6 IH design.

Again, it comes down to the accuracy that is acceptable to you.

Ron dePierre

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Any suggestions on removing a roof on a Proto 50' boxcar. Bought resin parts 50' viking roofs for NKP #87000 series.
Had four of the cars 3 RTR and one kit. Plan too roof three and use the other for something else.

Mark Morgan

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