Re: Proto 50' boxcar roof removal


The original question and series he's referring to had Viking roofs. Hardly present on a P2K or Athearn hense his question.

Jerry Glow

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Good question Jerry. In my case I used the Life Like roof and replaced the
car sides. You could canibalize just about any roof you want as long as it
fits. I'm sure Life Like and Branchline or even the older Athearn might be
what you need. I'm not sure what prototype roof you are looking for.
Good luck.Fenton

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What if anything do you have beside a replacement roof? I bought one from
Stan Rydarowicz but the Nov '86 Mainline Modeler article indicates (and
shows a pic) that they had double Creco doors.

Jerry Glow

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Any suggestions on removing a roof on a Proto 50' boxcar. Bought resin
parts 50' viking roofs for NKP #87000 series.
Had four of the cars 3 RTR and one kit. Plan too roof three and use the
other for something else.

Mark Morgan

Fenton Wells
3047 Creek Run
Sanford NC 27332

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