Re: Proto 50' boxcar roof removal


I found something interesting. I have a couple of historic Athearn cars which will soon be built again using Branchline...or something...and a P2K that is on the temporary workbench now. Yes, the Athearn cars have 14 roof panels. No, the P2K car has 15 panels which are no more than an inch or two longer than the panels on a Branchline roof.

It's easy to tell whether there is an even or odd number of panels by looking at the door. If there is a carline centered on the door, there's an even number of panels. If there is a panel centered on the door, there's an odd number.

BTW, both the Athearns and the P2Ks are double door cars. The Athearns are 1970 vintage and the P2K is a fairly old model, maybe mid-90s right after they first appeared.

Does this change anything?

Ron Merrick

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Tim said,

Proto made the stampings of the roof panels far too wide.

Tim, Does this mean there are to few panels in the overall length of the roof?

Paul Lyons
Yup. It appears they did the same thing Athearn did decades ago. The S.R.E.Co. roof products used the same size panel for both 40'and 50' foot cars, 3'5" wide; twelve on the 40' and fifteen on the 50', IIRC. The slight difference in overall length was made up in the end panels. For some reason Athearn and P2K both put 14 panels on the 50' car. There is no prototype for this roof.

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