Re: Vulcan Ends NOT Murphy ends with vertical ribs

Frank Valoczy <destron@...>

soolinehistory wrote:

Now to the meat of the matter. Pere Marquette diagram sheet 21, reproduced
on page 63 of Art Million and John C. Paton's "Pere Marquette Revenue
Freight cars" clearly states the vertical ribbed ends on the PM auto cars
are "Murphy Steel Ends." This is further carried forward on the diagram
sheets for those cars rebuilt as boxcars, but not mindlessly: sheet 3
calls them "Murphy Steel", sheet 3-A calls them "Murphy 7/32" Steel". Is
there some reason to suspect the entries are wrong, or can we just assume
that S.R.E.Co. decided to join the party with a vertical rib product?

Perhaps the guys making these PM drawings looked at it and said, "it's not
a Hutchins, it's not a Dreadnaught... it's a Murphy." This batch of 1000
cars was the only one that the PM had with these vertical ribs. Apart from
these 1000 cars, the only other cars I know of that had this type of end
is a batch of UP stock cars (I can't remember the number series) - but
even those are different, in that there are no ribs under the ladder (I
think, but can't remember, that this riblessness was mirrored on the
ladderless side of the end as well).

I don't see why SRE would have made a departure from their horizontal
standard to give vertical ribs to the ends of one, maybe two batches of
cars. Far more likely IMO is that if these ends had been supplied by SRE,
they'd have been the normal horizontally-ribbed style.

Both my suggestion that the drawers didn't care quite enough, and your
suggestion that SRE made vertically-ribbed ends for one batch of cars,
both of these are guesses. But mine seems more plausible: a drawing is a
drawing, lines of ink on paper, whereas manufacturing a physical car end
would have entailed rather more work - I'm no expert here, but I'd say
that these ends would have required some new tooling, too; this is a big
outlay of funds. Probably too much to justify, so based on all the
available evidence, I have to conclude that the PM drawings are

Frank Valoczy
Vancouver, BC

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