Proto 50' box couplers

Dean Payne

All this talk about the roofs for the Proto 50' auto box got me to looking at mine. I have both the NKP, and the Erie with end door. I noted that the couplers appear to stick out very far. I'm wondering:

Did I somehow get a long-shank coupler on BOTH cars without knowing that I had any long-shank couplers? I don't think so...

Is this to simulate a cushioned underframe?

Or, did Proto position the coupler mounting like that to allow the cars to track/couple around 18" curves?

If this is NOT desirable, should I get a set of short-shank couplers for these two cars? (Kadee 43, 143 or 153)

I'll try NOT to look to hard at the roofs, which should be replaced by Stan R's Viking roofs...


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